Frequently asked questions (FAQ) when considering a renewable energy project based on PV panels connected to the grid

How much will it cost?
For our off the shelf systems, prices range from around £3,500.00 upwards for fully installed domestic systems. The price will vary depending on system size and location. For a more precise quote visit get a quote.
How long will the installation take?
Once a full survey has been undertaken, a basic domestic installation should take between four and six days. The main defining factor is access to the site and scaffold erection.
What maintenance is involved once my system is operational?
Once fitted and switched on, the system will be largely maintenance free apart from maybe cleaning the solar panels occasionally if situated in an area susceptible to airborne particulate settlement. It may be necessary to remove snow at certain times of the year. After 25 years of operation, it is a good thing to have the installation overhauled.
What is the 'clean energy cash back scheme' or 'Fits scheme'?
The 'Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme' is a feed in tariff is for all units of electricity produced (private or business) regardless of whether it is used in the property or not. The feed in tariff will be paid for 20 years and will cover the initial cost. It earns a return of around 6%, according to the Government.tio The 'Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme' is a scheme to encourage the development of PV solar technology so as to decrease our dependency on fosil fuels.
Is planning permission necessary?
Planning permission is required only in conservation area or listed buildings.
Will the system provide all the electricity I need?
Have a look at your electricity bills so as to get an idea of your average year consumption. Our quote system for a grid-connected system will give you a hint at how much power your PV system would provide. This should give you an idea of how much electricity you could save from buying bearing in mind that on the one hand the electricity consumed at night time would have to be bought from your supplier (unless you were storing the day production in batteries), and on the other hand during the very cloudy days, your production will be lower.

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